Forex Trading Signals

Are you looking to: Trade on the Forex market like a pro without having to deal with complicated market analyses? Make guaranteed, risk free profits with just a mouse-click? Have the ability to set up your trade, leave it, and then return with a large profit? Be your own boss working from home?

Using Elliott Wave and AlfaTrade To Trade Forex Markets

Elliott Wave is a trading strategy created by accountant Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s. It is a technical market timing strategy which can be used to predict price movements based on historical price wave patterns along with their underlying psychological motives. Traders use the Elliot Wave principle to identify highs and lows in prices… Read More »

Forex trading tips and tricks

Trading Forex Recommendations When talking about trading, people think about very powerful and smart men and women making a lot of money in luxurious offices. But the true is that, even if intelligence and intuition are needed, the most important part is to know that this is not an easy way and a trader has… Read More »

Price Action Scalping Forex Strategy

Do you want to learn how to scalp in Forex markets and get profits? Than this post is created for you! We will show you how to get your trading to a new level with price action Forex Scalping strategy. First of all, we will recommend you to watch 8-minute video from a YouTube that… Read More »

What is Forex exchange market?

As we are building big and reliable community of traders, we suppose that it is important for everybody to know what are we actually talking about. Of course, it will be better if everybody will read Wikipedia page and get all the required knowledge from there. But putting Forex market into our own words, it is… Read More »