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Medium Term Trading as A Major Forex Trading Strategy

Medium Term Trading: A Major Forex Trading Strategy What is Foreign Exchange Market?

The foreign exchange market attracts traders, investors and brokers from all around the globe from all different kinds of backgrounds. Yet, no matter where they are from there is a common thread that binds them all together, the painful beginning. Entering the Forex market as a beginner can be daunting and overwhelming. The best option is to fully prepare for the market before taking your first dive into a buying and selling frenzy. There are key possibilities for entering the market without guaranteed losses. A major Forex trading system known to many traders is referred to as medium term trading. Embracing the system of medium term trading in Forex will enable you as a trader to capitalize gains.

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Using Elliott Wave and AlfaTrade To Trade Forex Markets

Using AlfaTrade and Elliott Wave to Trade the ForexElliott Wave is a trading strategy created by accountant Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s. It is a technical market timing strategy which can be used to predict price movements based on historical price wave patterns along with their underlying psychological motives. Traders use the Elliot Wave principle to identify highs and lows in prices and a number of other collective factors. The strategy utilizes information on the specific patterns in which market prices unfold. These patterns are called waves and are an excellent tool to trade forex markets. Continue reading

Forex trading tips and tricks

Trading Forex Recommendations

When talking about trading, people think about very powerful and smart men and women making a lot of money in luxurious offices. But the true is that, even if intelligence and intuition are needed, the most important part is to know that this is not an easy way and a trader has to be disciplined, reflexive and has to check daily the result of every step of her/his practice. So, there are some recommendations, to afford trading and making it more profitable. For sure, these are going to be helpful as well if you are beginning to use Forex Trading Bonus or if you are experienced traded with years of experience.

Do Not Improvise

Are you a risk-loving? Or taking high risk with money makes you awake? To consider trader’s personality is essential to develop a lasting and profitable trading strategy.  It is necessary to feel comfortable with the trading plan to be developed. Besides, it is important to have in mind specifics goals that will make easier to select which system gives you better results considering time and money availability as well as your attitude when handling risky situations.

Persistence makes a good trader

If you switch from a methodology to another, certainly the result will be a loss of time and money. Once a plan is selected, it is necessary to keep with it and to follow strictly every step at every time you are going to analyze the market and to decide if open or not a position. It will be the only way to know if the plan is clear and flexible enough to approach different markets and to reach predefined goals. Following trading blogs and broker’s reports can be a good idea to support your decisions.

Select an appropriate period of time

Financial charts have several periods of time to look at prices development. The analysis and interpretation are not the same when the chart is observed weekly, daily or hourly. It may occur that fundamentals indicate a selling option in a daily period and in hourly it would be a buying position. Trying to interpret all time frames will create confusion, frustration and so, bad results. Depending on your strategy it would be more convenient to choose a time frame than another one.

Adjust your trading decisions

Trading activity involves real money that is at risk. Sometimes traders win, sometimes they lose. So try not to conceive it as a main source of income. It is better to think about trading as a way to increase savings, and to take apart some money to risk in the markets and decide adjusted to it. Therefore money can be managed with less fear of losing it and without affecting own budget.

How to begin to practice Forex?

  • Before sign up for a real account to put money in trading it is better to get practice with a demo account. This is an available option from biggest part of the brokers. Once you stressed your strategy and get used to the markets, is the moment to begin to trade with real money
  • Risk management is very important. Most of traders recommend use just 2% of money available per operation and to establish and observe stop losses. Do not keep open many trades because it can make more difficult to determine if you would be able to recover it in case of loss. So be careful
  • Open positions mean the loss has not occurred, it will not happen until you decide to.
  • Trading platforms are designed to close automatically if the money is not enough to cover the total amount of the loss. Again be precise and to avoid to make any mistake
  • Nowadays, there are a lot of brokers. Be sure that the broker you choose is a regulated one and provides high quality software and support.

Price Action Scalping Forex Strategy

Do you want to learn how to scalp in Forex markets and get profits? Than this post is created for you! We will show you how to get your trading to a new level with price action Forex Scalping strategy.

First of all, we will recommend you to watch 8-minute video from a YouTube that shows how you should trade and explains everything about this strategy.

First of all, sorry for the sound, we expected it to be much better, but it did not happen.

As you can see, trading using scalping strategy is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of skills and passion. Even though, average scalping order is for just a few minutes, you will still have to spend long hours preparing for your trading!

Good luck to you!

What is Forex exchange market?

As we are building big and reliable community of traders, we suppose that it is important for everybody to know what are we actually talking about.

Of course, it will be better if everybody will read Wikipedia page and get all the required knowledge from there.

But putting Forex market into our own words, it is the place where you can easily buy and sell currencies and, of course, profit from it!

It is not really easy and you should learn some Forex strategies in order to be able to trade successfully, but we will provide you with some of them in our later posts.