Best Time Frames to Trade FX

Day charts! No, 1 Hour charts! No, 4 Hour Charts! If you’re a person who likes to get trading advice from FOREX forums, then we’re sure you’ve read something along those lines before. These declarations are, in fact, answers to one of the most frequently asked questions from new traders.

Forex Strategies

Definition Forex Strategies are a pre-defined set of trading tools that are used to analyse, interpret and successfully implement while trading on the forex markets.

Forex markets daily review

The yen weakened across the board on Monday, opening with a negative gap of more than 1% versus most majors before recovering its losses. The weakness in the yen was followed by the victory of Shinzo Abe of the Liberal Democratic Party, who will be sworn in as the next prime minister of Japan for… Read More »

European Central bank – Functions, policies, members and the EURO

About the European Central bank The European Central bank (ECB), established in June 1998, is the Central bank for the euro, comprising of 17 European Union (EU) member states with euro being their national currency since 1999. The ECB was formed by the Treaty of Amsterdam and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, with the shareholders… Read More »

Online Trading Technologies

Several decades ago trading was mostly practiced only by institutional investors and high net worth individuals. With an advent of online trading, financial markets became accessible from every part of the world. Contemporary trading technologies, or should we say trading platforms, have provided great opportunities right in the hands of retail investors. In this article,… Read More »

Tips on Avoiding Trading Risks in Forex

Anybody with experience in the foreign exchange market can attest to the fact that it is not a risk free endeavor. Anyone can easily enter the foreign exchange market without the proper tools and ultimately end up losing some, most or even all of their initial investment. Trading risks in Forex are many but with… Read More »

Rollover Transactions in Forex As A Tool for Extending the Settlement Date  

The foreign exchange market attracts many traders and brokers for its rapid pace of transactions. Typically, most transactions can be done as a Forex spot transaction or the alternative Forex forward transaction. Forex spot transactions allow for an almost instantaneous transaction which typically occurs within two business days. The option of rollover transactions in Forex… Read More »

A Guide to Pips in the Forex Market

The first step to understanding the Forex market is to simply understand the lingo used by traders and brokers. One of the most commonly used terms by traders and brokers alike is known as a ‘pip’. Often, you will hear that a certain trade lost ten pips or gained a certain number of pips. Once… Read More »